The fascination of fabrics and silk has always inspired me to find new shapes and lines. My paintings are created on the different type of silk using fabric colours and mixed media. I love to take this technique in all directions and see what works. I never tire of Silk Painting, although not very forgiving at times, the possibilities are endless.

My inspiration comes from my dreams, from overall surroundings that represent my beautiful home country Armenia, and relationships with colours and forms found in nature. Every time I work with colours, it is hard whether I should listen to my nature or look outside at the garden. Both sides influence the world of the other and interpret it in their own way. My goal is to create  harmony, a match between the colours, so that a pleasant whole take shape.

I studied Art Technology for Textile Design at Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts in Armenia. After the completion of the degree, I moved to Dresden, Germany where I enhanced and further developed the skills as a graphic designer and worked most of the time for advertising agencies but also focused on my passion, Arts on Silk. I was able to present my work at art fairs in Berlin, Munich and Dresden, also attended some previously in Armenia. After moving to Vancouver, Canada, in 2016, I put Silk Art on a temporary hold to pursue the goals as a graphic designer. This break brought new experiences, discoveries and dreams with it.

These works show on the one hand the dynamics of dreams that lead to infinity, but also very far removed from reality, which leads to a blurring. On the other hand, the upheavals, defense against real perceptions. Both have something in common – it’s about the war with yourself.

Let my paintings invite you to dream…

Aelita Aghuzumtsyan

Some exhibitions / art fairs

Berlin Festival TEXTILE ART
Dresden Handmade Creative Market
Dresden room + style trade fair, the colors of Christmas Women’s Education Center
Dresden Festival Elbhangfest
Dresden Solo exhibition in the bookstore Pusteblume
Radebeul Fall & Wine Festival
Hamburg Altonale Street Festival
Bruckmühl,  Munich Solo exhibition in the gallery pro musica-Haus
Ottendorf Participation in the exhibition of the works of Artists’ Association
Yerevan Participation in the exhibition of works by Design Association Members